jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016


Amb aquesta cançó començarem cada classe a P3, P4 i P5. Podeu practicar-la a casa!

Hello Song!


Hi! My name is Eli and although most of you must already know me... I am so exited to be your teacher this year once again!!! We're going to do so many FUN things and of course we will learn a lot. I hope you had a fabulous summer and I can't wait to hear all about it!! 

I am looking forward to meeting you soon!!

My name is Luke. I am an English teacher from London. I have taught English for five years, one year in Italy, two years in London and I two year in Barcelona. I have taught general English classes at all levels and ages, as well as exam classes. I have prepared many students for exams such as CAE, FCE, IELTS and Trinity GESE and a few for PET, KET and BEC.
I have also taught in different styles including the communicative method and the direct method. I prefer to teach more student centred lessons. I believe in fully immersing students in English, one way I do this is to only speak to students in English and I try to only answer student questions when they are asked in English.

Hi i’m Chloe one of the new English teachers this year. I moved to Barcelona 2 years ago as an au pair and fell in love with this beautiful city. I have been teaching English ever since then and in my spare time I like to pursue my hobby of music. I am really pleased to be welcomed in to your school this academic year and looking forward to what journey Sant Miquel will bring.


Hi I'm Liana, my family are originally from the Caribbean but I was born in the U.K. so growing up I had the benefit of two different cultures and far away holidays to visit family! From an early age I studied classical ballet and cello and even had the chance to dance at the Royal Albert Hall for a princess. I have a background in performing arts and attended a pre-grad performing arts college. Now I spend more time dancing salsa which is a lot more fun but challenging all the same. Having moved to Barcelona one year ago to teach English I already love the city and teaching here is great. I am looking forward to many more years in the city! 

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Nous curs escolar 2016-2017

Des del servei de Mitja Pensió us donem la benvinguda al nou curs escolar 2016 - 2017.

Des del primer dia el nostre cuiner Enric treballa per garantir una bona i equilibrada dieta !!!!